paper planes mind map.

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so today am showing you my paper planes mind map so here it is:

Name: Relationship to Dylan Lessons
Dad – Jack Dylan’s dad, at the start of the movie doesn’t have a great relationship with Dylan because he is upset about the death of his wife, but as the movie progresses their relationship get better and better and at the end it’s like a normal father son relationship. To always help someone because anything you do can help even in the littlest way. J
Grandad – George George is like a father figure at the start of the movie to Dylan because his dad isn’t in the right place. George gives Dylan advice and lets him have some fun. To take life every step at a time and not be afraid to break the rules.
Jason/ Patrick Jayson:

At the start of the movie and almost the whole way through Jayson is and uptight bully, he bullies Dylan and other kid’s puts them down and pushes Dylan down the stairs.


Patrick is Jayson’s father and gives Dylan some great advice in the movie put doesn’t really have that much of a role.

To stand up to bullies and never underestimate anyone
Kimi Kimi is Dylan’s friend throughout the movie and starts to be his crush I guess at the same time. She helps him through some stuff and teaches him some great life lessons. Winning isn’t all of life take a step back and take it in.
Kevin Kevin is Dylan’s best friend throughout the movie and motivates Dylan to keep on going with the paper planes and helps fun raise for Dylan’s air fare to Japan To never give up.
Clive Clive is a bird that inspires Dylan and eventually gets him to the Championships and he wins. Find inspiration.
Maureen Maureen is the spokesperson for Australia in the competition and helps and looks after Dylan on the way.

I think the most influential character in Dylan’s life was his dad because he was just always their doing something and hanging something.

So have you seen the movie? Do you agree with me?

Thanks for reading Frances.

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