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reflection on our Project

Hey guys,

today I’m going to reflect on my project and what I thought of it and how it and I could improve in doing it.

To be honest I didn’t like this project at all we spent about 3 weeks on the project trying to make it the best we could and in the end all the people cared about was the hands on activity and the business cards, so we did all the information for nothing and I know (not just me) that hardly anyone came to our stalls unless we had a really exciting hands on activity that some of us just couldn’t make because of the topic we were doing. I can’t really reflect on how well my presentation skills were because I didn’t get to, because no one cared. So my reflection I could have had a better hands on activity so some people would come.

That my reflection I hope you like my honesty.


Healthy expo Project

Hey guys,

recently we have been doing a healthy expo project here is all my information:

Anaphylaxis is a severe allergic reaction to a food or substance. This allergic reaction is when the person with this condition comes in contact or eats the food/substance that makes their skin swell. When their skins swells, all the histamine in their bodies builds up causing them to swell up. When the persons skin swells up it causing problems, sometimes leading to death due to their air passages getting blocked by the swelled skin. Anaphylaxis is the most severe allergic reaction known to doctors and has to be treated right away because it is a medical emergency. An injection of adrenalin is the way to reduce the swelling and make the person better.

Some of The affects Anaphylaxis has on the body are:

  • Facial swelling, including swelling of the lips and eyelids
  • Swollen tongue
  • Swollen throat
  • Reddening of skin across the body
  • Hives (red welts) appearing across the skin
  • Abdominal discomfort or pain
  • Vomiting
  • Strained or noisy breathing
  • Inability to talk or hoarseness
  • Wheezing or coughing
  • Drop in blood pressure
  • Unconsciousness

Anaphylaxis can occur within minutes. The average of it occurring is about 20 minutes, symptoms are normally mild at first.

Thanks for reading, if u have any question s leave them in the comments below and answer my question if you can:

Do you have an allergic reaction to anything?

Oaks day.

Hi Guys,
Yesterday we had to dress up for oaks day. We took heaps of photos and did a cat walk. With doing the at walk we had to come up with a description of what we were wearing. Here is mine that I wrote (about my friend Livy) and some of the photos:

Here is Livvi,

strutting down the cat walk in her lace black dress, looking as beautiful as a black swan, straight outta Paris. Her mini denim jacket completing he lace black dress perfectly. Her blonde hair swishes past her shoulder and she turns around, giving us a look at her amazing beige boots, and whit flower earrings. It a surprise she isn’t a model already.

hole grade oaks day bridgeoaks day bridge girls

reflex rulers

Hi everybody,

Today we had to see how quickly we could catch a 1metre ruler with out right hand, left hand and both hands. Here are my groups results:

R- Hand L-hand
name sex age 1 2 3 1 2 3
Tyra F 12 7.5cm 11cm 8cm 17cm 17cm 11cm
Livvi F 12 20cm 13cm 14cm 24cm 4cm 12cm
Charli F 11 22cm 15cm 30cm 15cm 16.5cm 30cm
Frances F 11 8cm 16cm 10cm 7cm 7cm 10cm
Tyra 20cm 5cm 25cm
Livvi 12cm 13cm 16cm
Charli 20cm 37cm 17cm
Frances 30cm 24cm 27cm

My averages were:

Right hand- 11.3 cm

Left hand- 8cm

Both Hands- 27cm

I got my best average score on my left hand, I beat my right hand score by 3.3 and I beat both hands by 19cm.

Based on our results Tyra got the best score for right hand, Livvi got the best score for both hands and I got the best score for left hand.

This was all of the information I got over this hour about my reflexes. Thank you for reading.


Me in a Minute

Hey guys,

1 week ago we had to do a fitness test thing and the ones I had to improve on are:

Distance around the oval – Average 1.25sec/ I’m going to improve by  keeping the same pace the hole time.
Sit ups – Average 53/ keep the pace the hole time, don’t get exhausted.
Push ups – average 16/ Don’t exhausted yourself strait away, do them every day
Skips – average 52/ practice skipping
Train track jumps – average 96/ keep the same pace
Basketballs hoops from the free throw line – average 2/ work on my upper body strength
Tennis ball in the target – average 2.6/ practice the technique
Bouncing on a racket – average 37.6/ stay in one place

Paper Maths!!!

Hey everybody,

today I have been asked to do a review on what I found most interesting, fun, hard and what my teacher could In prove on so here I go:

I think the thing I enjoyed the most was 3,2,1 pop because it ivolve3d chemicals and the suspense was awesome. My average for my balloon rocket was 5.8m. I think the thing that could have worked better were the more simple paper rockets, because they weren’t as fun or as engaging.


paper planes mind map.

Hey guys,

so today am showing you my paper planes mind map so here it is:

Name: Relationship to Dylan Lessons
Dad – Jack Dylan’s dad, at the start of the movie doesn’t have a great relationship with Dylan because he is upset about the death of his wife, but as the movie progresses their relationship get better and better and at the end it’s like a normal father son relationship. To always help someone because anything you do can help even in the littlest way. J
Grandad – George George is like a father figure at the start of the movie to Dylan because his dad isn’t in the right place. George gives Dylan advice and lets him have some fun. To take life every step at a time and not be afraid to break the rules.
Jason/ Patrick Jayson:

At the start of the movie and almost the whole way through Jayson is and uptight bully, he bullies Dylan and other kid’s puts them down and pushes Dylan down the stairs.


Patrick is Jayson’s father and gives Dylan some great advice in the movie put doesn’t really have that much of a role.

To stand up to bullies and never underestimate anyone
Kimi Kimi is Dylan’s friend throughout the movie and starts to be his crush I guess at the same time. She helps him through some stuff and teaches him some great life lessons. Winning isn’t all of life take a step back and take it in.
Kevin Kevin is Dylan’s best friend throughout the movie and motivates Dylan to keep on going with the paper planes and helps fun raise for Dylan’s air fare to Japan To never give up.
Clive Clive is a bird that inspires Dylan and eventually gets him to the Championships and he wins. Find inspiration.
Maureen Maureen is the spokesperson for Australia in the competition and helps and looks after Dylan on the way.

I think the most influential character in Dylan’s life was his dad because he was just always their doing something and hanging something.

So have you seen the movie? Do you agree with me?

Thanks for reading Frances.

Attacked- My tree house story

Crash! Scream! Emily looks around worriedly but all she can see was dense trees and thick white snow. As Emily takes a deep breath in, she starts to run, her feet thud on the ground and sink into the cold wet snow. Emily starts breathing quickly and running faster. She has no idea where she’s going all she knows is her mother told her to run hard and fast into the forest until she’s safe. Emily could hear her heart pounding in her ears; she could hear every breath she took and every step. She stopped and looked around but all she could see was, white wet, glimmering forest. Emily was cold and scared but didn’t know what to do or where to go, she was lost. She looked around again more frantically this time and something caught her eye in the glimmering white snow. It was small but big enough to take shelter in, so she ran. It was a good five meters away but she made it heart pounding and her feet cold and wet. As she looked up to this tiny little house in the middle of the forest with a wooden stair case leading up to it, and it’s dark oak wood frame falling apart looking like it’s had better days, she cautiously put her hand on the rough splintery wood railing and took a step. As Emily looks up, it looks like it will take her the rest of the night to get up the stairs, but once she starts, she doesn’t stop and sooner or later she gets to the door. Emily feels as though she has to knock even though she doesn’t think anyone lives there. She pulls her shaking hand up and gives two sharp knocks and when there’s no answer she knocks a third time and opens the door….

Emily looks around astonished and opened mouthed. In front of her was the biggest and might have been the most beautiful once. All around her were broken old fashioned lights dusty floors and tables and right in the center was what could have been the most beautiful out of all of it. A chandelier. It was made out of diamonds and gold that was pieced together so perfectly. She took another step and another and as she did she heard her feet echo on the dusty marble floor. As she looked around in aww at the size and once beauty she heard a deep strong voice echo around the room, and the she saw a figure. Emily could make out that he was quite tall and was wearing a tweed suite, bow tie, and suspenders as well as slick back hair and as he spoke, he spoke in a curious voice…

“Who are you? And why are you here?”

“Well s-sir, I’m on the-the run…”

“From what?”

“Umm I’m not quite sure…”

“How can you not know?!”

“Just because ok! Can you just help me please?”

“Ugh, do I have to?!”The man said with a deep sigh.

“Well… no but if you don’t I’m leaving” Emily said triumphantly and with that Emily stomped back across the room and as she went to slam the door the man spoke again.

“I – I’ll help you” the man said reluctantly.

Emily started to scream. “OMG!!! REALLY, REALLY, REALLY?!?!” she ran across the dirty floor to give the man a hug and watched as his handsome defined face went from completely calm to absolutely horrified. As the man stood their rigid Emily remembered her family and how much she missed her mother, father and her older brother Nick.

The man led Emily through a maze of old dusty corridors filled with old broken lamps dusty paintings and dirty little tables. They eventually came to a set of big oak doors with little brass handles and intricate carvings in the doors as well as it painted a shade of gold. The man reaches into his pocket that seems to go forever and pulls out the biggest key Emily has ever seen, covered in dust and as it slides into the door she hears a click and a cloud of dust as the man opens the door and says:

“You’ll be sleeping here tonight and in the morning we will go find your family”

Emily nods then looks around and takes in the old room full of the most beautiful things she has ever seen and as she looks around her mind starts to imagine what it first looked like clean and glimmering. In front of her is a beautiful old fashioned four poster bed in the middle of the room. To the side is a massive oak wood wardrobe that looks like it could lead to Narnia and across from it a big white wood dressing table filled with little trinkets, handmade most of them and painted the most amazing colour but everything in this room suddenly goes back to being old faded and dusty. As Emily walks in the man turns to go and Emily quickly says:

“Um excuse me sir what’s your name?”

“Doctor. Lucas Parker” and with that he turned and walked out of the room.

Emily woke the next morning to the sound of movement, eyes glazed over, crumpled cloths and a dirty face. As she shuffled along the corridors towards the sound she started to wonder what happened to her family? Where they were, are they alright? Who attacked them that night? What attacked them? Will she see them again? A million thought were buzzing through her head all at once but were soon cut short by the doctor saying:

“Ah good morning Emily how did you sleep?”

“How did you know my na-“

“I know everything. Bacon?”

“Do you know what happened to my family?!”

“Well when I said everything I meant almost everything”

“Oh ok”

Emily looks down disappointed but as the Doctor kept on talking and explaining what they were going to do and how they are going to find her family she brightened up.

After breakfast the Doctor gave Emily some warmer new cloths and led her outside. In daylight, the cold wet forest didn’t seem so cold and wet any more it felt more calm and beautiful.  The Doctor and Emily drudge through the snow with their faces freezing off and feet aching and cold. After a long drudge through the snow and a lot of chatting they finally came across the once beautiful cottage. Emily stood rigid and shaking looking at what once was her home and is now just a pile of ashes and rubble as Emily started to cry the Doctor started to look around the ashes when he stopped and spoke sternly and forcefully:

“Emily don’t come any closer”


“I don’t want you to see this!” And with that Emily took a shaky step fell to the ground and started to scream because what she saw was her mother dead on the ground eyes closed surrounded in blood bullet in her head……

Thanks for reading guys, hope you enjoyed it!




Hey guys,

Today I’m going to talk about government;

The three levels of government:

blah blah boring stuff

The leaders of each level of government:

blah blah boring cooply

What the three levels of government in charge of:

Federal Government:

  • Taxation, pensions and welfare
  • Immigration and indigenous welfare
  • Defence
  • Trade and communication
  • Health and universities

State government:

  • Police and crime prevention
  • Education and schools
  • Hospitals and services
  • State roads and transport

Local government:

  • Parks and sports grounds
  • Rubbish collection
  • Local roads and street lighting
  • Kindergartens and health centres

Thanks for reading Frances



Paper bridges…

Hey guys,

So today we made paper bridges using 8 pieces of paper and meter of string/ masking tape. I worked in a partnership with Hailee and we made a bridge spanning 45 cm across 2 tables and it held 600grams so it kind of worked. In future I would change how I kept the structure up and how long and wide it was.

Thanks for reading Frances.

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