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Paper bridges.

Hey guys,

Ok so in class we have been told to make a paper bridge and recorded our findings.

And today we had to research bridges and say what bridges look good and why we like the structure of the bridges here is my word doc:


I have also made a table for my bridge here you go:

Shape Weight Dimension
Cylinder inside cylinder 2kilo 700g 30cm long

1cm high

Rectangular prism with 2 smaller rectangles and a contained paper inside 1kilo-side

2kilo 500g-portrait

30cm long

5cm high



Icosahedron Star!

Hey everybody,

Todaay I am going to be reflecting on making this star 3d. Unlike a square this 3d shape was hard it was easy to start off with but in the final sticking stage it was really difficult because it was all enclosed and hard to get to. First we hhad to colour it in and make it look good then we cut it out, folded it and finally stuck it together. Here is a picture:

star 3d

Thanks for reading Frances.


Hi guys,

so today we have been asked to document our goals and what we have done to complete them my goals are at the moment:


To read slower and try to understand the text I’m reading better.

  • Go back and reread
  • Check words to make sure I fully understand what they mean
  • If I don’t know a word write it down and find out what it means later


To use more vocabulary.

  • Find interesting words in my books and use it in my writing
  • Listen to people using words and put them in my text to make it more interesting
  • Use a thesaurus


Learn my times tables.

  • Ask my mum to practice with me in the car
  • Practice one  every week
  •  Remember to practice


To get better at doing my hair.

  • Watch Instagram videos to get more ideas
  • Practice on myself
  • Be patient

Thanks for reading Frances.

Making Stars


So today we were set a math task to complete polygon stars here is the definition and my attempts to make polygon stars:


a plane figure with at least three straight sides and angles, and typically five or more.

My attempts:

paper stars

Paper planes – Movie/Book

paper planes book

paperplans movie


So we were asked to analyse the front cover and the movie cover so here is what I came up with:

I think the book and the movie is about kids in primary school who find passion in what they are doing (Making paper plans) and pursue their dream to get to where they want to go.

Then we watched the trailer:

  • Its in Australia
  • its a drama
  • they have a lot of passion and dreams for what they do.
  • They make and fly paper planes in a competitive sport.

and every ting else before we watched the trailer 🙂



The book is better then the movie (The Lorax)

I choose book. I choose book because it’s the original story, the authors vision what they wanted not what the film writer wanted! So I vote book.

The first reason I vote book is because…

It’s the Authors vision their words their imagination what they wanted to be read to children not the alienated movie which changed the story line completely. The book has the original lines and illustrations and gives you more freedom to do voices and come up with pictures.

The second reason the book is better than the movie is…

The book is more interactive. You can read with someone you can have it read to someone else.  You can feel the pages and take it any were with you and pretty much read it at any time.

My third and finale reason is the movie has completely alienated the plotline it’s filled with unnecessary information and characters that have no relevance to then story and the movie’s plot line.

So in conclusion the book is better by far. The movie is good but not in the sense that it relates to the books story line.

Click on Here   for my actual word document<

The Night They Stormed Eureka – Jackie French

Hey guys,

So this term we have been reading the night we stormed eureka and I hated it to be honest it was really boring here are some of the pros and cons:

The night the stormed Eureka


Pros Cons
It used characters from the actual eureka stockade It may not have been completely historically correct
It was very well explained It was over explained
 There were SOME interesting bits It was boring
It was based on what we were learning How did Sam change history
Has events that actually happened Events we didn’t need to know about
The characters spoke how they would have spoken back then Some of the characters were fake


Hello everybody, Today we made 3 dimensional shapes on the internet as well as with cube blocks in our class  room. here is a link to the word document with the pictures on it: shapes Doc.

My reflection for this task was that it was great. I loved being able to create what ever I wanted on the internet and then get the challenge to create it in real life.

The website we used is (link>>):

Thanks for reading Frances 🙂 .

Our little House!!!

On Tuesday my grade (6B) made a hut out of cardboard. We made a fully functioning hut and windless which takes 5 turns to go up and down. The hut is 2.16m in length and 1.58m in width. It has 2 cubic meters in it (which is big!). It was really fun to make and even tho it isn’t school work it is for us. On Wednesday 27th of May to Friday the 29th of May we went to Sovereign Hill to find out about the Eureka Stockade. When we came back my teacher (Mr Bell) set us to work on the hut. he said it had to be a realistic as possible and as close to an actual miners hut as possible. We all got given set tasks to complete in the hut. Tyra and I did the table and mantel piece (along with the photos on the wall (from Sovereign Hill)). We (my grade) made mining tools, cups and a working fireplace.  It was great fun and I highly enjoyed it. Here are some photos:


The table

The table

The mantel piece

The mantel piece

The outside of our hut

  The outside of our hut

The windless

The windless



My Sovereign Hill Character

Name: Frances Lane
Age: 11
Date of birth: 19th February 1841
Mother’s name Emily
Father’s name Arthur
Mother’s occupation Dress maker
Father’s occupation Tin miner
Country of origin England
Town of origin Cornwell
Siblings Had: 5 lost: 3 now have: 2 Hugh (9) Hamish (16)
Family relations 6 cousins lost 1 have Aunt/uncle
Hobbies Sewing/skipping/singing
Ambitions To become a dress maker
Opinionated Very opinionated and a little bit stubborn
Eye colour Hazel
Weight 34kg
Height 143cm
Hair colour Brown
Determined Very
patient Not patient at all

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