My Brillant Blogging Criteria Tabble

Hi every one,

A couple days ago we did a blogging rubric. I am guessing you want to know what a rubric is. It is a table that tells you what we expect in a blogger depending on how good they are . There are 4 types of bloggers, New blogger, beginning blogger, accomplished blogger and expert blogger. We did this in groups of four. My group was Tyra, Callum and Daniel. Working in a group really helped me because it let me know other opinions not just mine. When we where doing this task I think my group used these habits of the minds: quietening and problem poising, thinking flexibly, Thinking and communicating. When I looked at the table I thought I was a beginner blogger because I am ok at blogging but I can still get a lot better.  Here is the link to my rubric: My Blog Criteria Table

What do you think I am?

Thanks for reading Frankie.




Hi Guys,

So I looked at this post before I upgraded it now and to be honest it was pretty crappy! Ok so we had to look back at our blog and do a reflection on it I think I have done pretty well and am floating between beginners and accomplished. I think this because I am posting a lot but some of my posts are pretty crappy! If a look back all the posts and pages some of them were really terrible like:


Some of my really good ones are:

I have Posted about 19 times a year. This is how much I post a year:

  • 4 May
  • 3 July
  • 3 August
  • 1 November
  • 5 September
  • 3 October


What Type of blogger do you think I am? Why?

Do you like/dislike my blog? Why?

What do you want to see me post about?

Why do you like/dislike my blog?

Thanks for reading/maybe commenting Frankie!

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