Magnificent Maths!

Hello Everyone,

Welcome to my new maths page. For the last couple of weeks the grades 5s have been working on a new maths investigation! The investigation is on the most popular car colours in AUS! The Question is What Are The Most Popular Car Colours in Australia?

We each gave an Estimate on what we thought it was here is mine:

I think that the most popular car colours in AUS are silver and red because 1. They are easy to clean because you just need to wipe them down and 2. They look good plus they are shiny and make you look good on the freeway.

After we gave our Fabulous Estimate we researched it and found out that 70% out of 9000 cars in AUS are either Black, Grey, white or silver! After we researched we paired up with someone and decided on ten car colours for ten categories. I and my partner (Hailee) chose Black, grey, white, silver, yellow, green, red, blue, orange, and other.

The very next day we walked and recorded all the car colours from our school to the train station. (Not as existing as you may not think). Once we got back from our little walk we had the “exciting” task of converting our raw car colour data into fractions decimals and percentages! After we had done that we added the percentages up and we got 100%!!!

Once me my partner Hailee had converted our data in to fractions, decimals, and percentages we “cooked” the data and made it into a pie chart. If you would like to see my pie chart click Here.

Me and Hailee have a sample size of 300 cars out of The Macedon Rangers 15066 cars! I think the most challenging thing in this task was converting our data into fractions, decimals and percentages. This was challenging because it was year seven Maths! I know it was also really difficult for other people because they couldn’t make there percentages add up to 100%.

In conclusion our data matches up pretty well with our original data from Google because over 50% of the car colours were silver, black, grey and white. Our data is valid because it matches the data we found on Google.

Thanks for reading Frankie.

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