Sydney Leg

Hi every body,

We have just finished our Sydney leg of the amazing cyber race and  my group almost finished! We spent $2767.10 out of $100,000!Ok so my group didn’t actually finish but we were really close! I think my group worked Ok I guess we worked Ok  but we will get better! Here are to links to my pictures and my itinerary sheet: Sydney Leg – and now all my pictures Google maps. Sorry about it saying Google maps! Ok bye. Frankie .

Ok so now you can See My Journal entry for the Sydney Harbour Bridge:

As I took My first step on the Sydney harbour bridge my knuckles whitened and my breathing got heavy. Step after step it was amazing hearing the loud booming noise of the engines below and the fast whistling noise of the wind and the waves crashing below in the bay. I got even more nervous as I crept up the bridge and felt the rough oily iron and smelt the salty ness in the air.

Ok I will write more of it later but Bye For now Frankie. Keep Writing and post comments below! When I got to the top I was amazed! When I looked  down at the sea it was shining like a million polished diamonds and ready to go. I could see the nice big clean shimmering white boats and massive ivory sales. As I took  another step I saw the massive shimmering seashell of opera the Sydney opera house! All I could hear from my group was them saying wow but I could not mutter a word! I felt the biggest adrenalin rush and wish that I could do it again, but we have a budget. (NOOO).

Ok so that is my Journal piece bye Frankie.

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  1. Miss C
    August 6, 2014 at 10:55 am (4 years ago)

    Hi Frances,
    I love the descriptions in your bridge diary, you created a great visual with the oily metal of the bridge.
    What was your favourite part of the Sydney challenge?


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